DIY Strass Louboutins Project, Part I

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For the first post of the new year, I’ve decided to share my loves with you all. The first love, of course, being fashion. My second (though more actually a sub-category of the first), shoes. And lastly, photography (which was the reason for the blog re-vamp to begin with, if you recall). It’s time to be completely cliche and pop in a quote that has been inspiring this month (and oh yes, my friends, it is from none other than fashion-girl-cliche-idol: Marilyn Monroe). It’s okay if you need to roll your eyes. Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world. -Marilyn Monroe Ahh, Miss Marilyn. She rarely lets us down, amirite?! With that quote in mind (and my 13th wedding anniversary around the corner), I set out to create a pair of unforgettable shoes to wear to our anniversary dinner. I, like most women in the world, have vied for a pair of strassed...

Day 36 : Mornings with Husband

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Sunday mornings are undoubtedly lazy in our home. We sleep in, only moving when Harley yells at us to let him out. Lately, we’ve taken to having breakfast outside on our backyard porch. This morning, a stack of magazines (September issues for me, Entrepreneur & Fast Company for him) accompanied our indulgent chocolate croissants and steaming mugs of tea. We go over the upcoming week’s plans and then fall into a comfortable silence as we page through our periodicals, breaking occasionally to share an anecdote from the glossy pages. I love our Sunday mornings outside on the back porch, but have to admit – they will be considerably more enjoyable once the weather cools down!

Day 35 : Getting Ready

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Getting back to the FMS Photo A Day Challenge, I decided to take on “Getting Ready”. This one is a bit embarrassing to partake in, but also a bit fun, too. I decided to photograph my makeup routine. Granted, there are extra products set in the shot, this still encompasses the products I use on a daily basis. Blushes and brushes, curlers and mascaras…here’s my war paint!

Day 34 : Back to Rain

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Every so often, we get a storm here in Phoenix that is borderline disastrous. This storm was one of those – flooding the streets, water lapping against garage doors, drops pounding against windows like people begging for entry. Because Phoenix has sun roughly 90% of the year we’re always to enthralled by the exciting weather, pausing to stare out windows, murmuring comments about how crazy it all is. While work piled up on my desk, I only had a brief few minutes to take some pictures with my cell phone of the spectacle from my office window.

Day 33 : Quarter Wheel

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Bringing this Disney series to an end is a photo, that I have to admit, has no meaning behind it. (And if you’ve been following this project from the beginning, you’ve noticed how I am absolutely compelled to link each image with a story/lesson/something that I have to share). No, this is purely selfish – I just thought it looked cool. I know I know. I hope you enjoy anyway.